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Edo Belli is an Italian fashion label that wants to revitalise Italian fashion, focusing on quality tailoring and fabrics, sewn by hand by skilled professional seamstresses who give life to garments that are both casual and chic.

The label was founded in 2015 in response to a growing number of people looking for quality garments made or finished in Italy, with the fresh and young appeal of breast pockets positioned over the heart.

The breast pockets are the trademark of Edo Belli in that they can be selected and personalised according to your tastes, giving you a look that is always modern, fresh, and that keeps up with a world that is constantly changing.

Wear Edo Belli, wear 100% Italian haute couture!

ITALY 100%

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Giorgio Brizzo

Giorgio Brizzo


Federica Lovecchio

Federica Lovecchio


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